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It's all about the Benjamins

I haven't posted in ages because, well, life has kinda sucked around here. Last week when I came to work on Monday (after having been out at the elementary school and therefore losing money on Friday), I opened my paycheck to see it was cut in half. I spent the first part of the week trying to figure out why and feeling certain it was a mistake, but it isn't. Although Lesley says you get free tuition, after a certain amount they take out taxes, and the extra "income" has knocked me into a higher tax bracket. So now I work every hour possible, as well as grad school classes and prepare for Friday at elementary school. Luckily my parents are willing and able to help me out, but I still hate taking from them. This cut in half paycheck thing will last for the next three months. This may be the first time in my life I've been looking forward to January! I've felt like I have no free time at all for the past week, so today I kind of rebelled and I haven't done any homework, although luckily I have a hell of a lot less of it this week than last week. I don't remember the last time I felt relaxed.

My God this is a boring entry - I guess the point of it is don't expect very good Christmas presents from me this year.
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Amelia the princess

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Justin claims if he waters the carpet it will grow. This comes from the same man who just decided to make split pea soup in the blender and got it all over a kitchen wall. I think we've got a little cabin fever going on here.

I'm sorry I never post anymore, as pointed out by Arianna - lately I feel like my life's not worth writing about. But, take a look at my schedule I wrote up last week for my boss and you'll see why:

Monday 8-3:30 Work
                4-7 Class
Tuesday 9-6 Work
Wednesday 8-5 Work
Thursday 9-6 Work
                  7-10 Class
Friday      8-2 Early Field Experience in the elementary school around the corner

And I have a bit of a cold so it makes me extra sluggish, but I think I'm getting better.

I did finally get to see ari8silver yesterday, which was great! I also got to see her sister's cool studio and some great Jamaica Plain artists. I'm very excited for our cupcake and Mitch Hedburg date.
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slut by satinelune

Me so norney!

I'm probably the last person to hear about this, but just in case I'm not....
Not safe for work, or for the faint of heart

I'm not sure about the morals or ethics of all of this, but it certainly is entertaining.

Today after work I needed to go to the store to buy cupcakes and stick-on tattoos. I make a very good grown-up!
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Hooray beer!

Cleaning out your refrigerator is infinitely more fun when you do it with John (who doesn't actually live with me, even though the super thinks so). For everything we took out that was still good, we said "Hooray (fill in the name here)", so things like "Hooray green grapes!". And when something was bad, we would say something like "Boo three week old pasta!".

Has anyone seen the Red Stripe commercials? Because if you have that makes a hell of a lot more sense.
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The long and short of it

My faithful computer Tupac is very sick (i.e. the hard drive is dead) and is in the shop where they're attempting to save some of the data from him, especially my pictures from Japan. Keep your fingers crossed for Tupac's speedy recovery! This is why I don't write/respond/email properly, etc - that and the fact that I was dumb enough to take two summer classes in July. I'm counting down the days until August already...
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Quiz time!

So I saw this movie the other night and loved it, but one of my favorite things about it was the following quotation:

"Death! You are my bitch lover!"

If you know what movie this is from - and no using Google or any other search engine - I will send you a present (really!).

(I hope this isn't ridiculously easy and I get totally humiliated!!)
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Imaginary by satinelune

A rare socially relevant post

I saw this article today and was intrigued. My pal Mike the doctor-in-training told me about the vaccine a few months ago and I was excited to hear about it, but I never expected them to recommend it for girls aged 11-12. It makes sense - it would be a likely age to catch girls before they catch HPV - but the conservatives are going to shit themselves over this one. I told my friend Katie they'll have to come up with some other cause of HPV in order to get that to fly - she suggested toilet seats :) I also found it interesting that it's only recommended for women ages 9-26, meaning if I don't get it this year I'll be out of the range, but who wants to get a brand new to the market vaccine? Is there any real way of knowing if you have HPV if you've never shown symptoms? Is this the first vaccine for an STD? That's also a remarkable concept with a few moral implications of its own. I'm surprised it's not getting more media coverage than it seems to be, but that could change with the results of today's panel.

I totally could have written about this in a more intelligent and thought-provoking manner if I'd had the opportunity earlier today - damn my job getting in the way!
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What'd you say?

Yesterday I was sitting next to a woman on the bus who had just finished "A Million Little Pieces". I asked her what she thought of it, we talked briefly, and then I put my iPod headphones in. When it was her stop, I stood up to let her out and told her to have a nice afternoon. She told me to take care of my hearing and to also have a nice afternoon.

This is not the first time I've had this encounter with unsolicited iPod advice. I find it fascinating, especially since people don't tend to give others advice based on their potentially risky habits. I've never seen someone walk up to a person smoking a cigarette and say "Hey, be careful not to get lung cancer", or to someone sitting on a bar stool with their gin and tonic and say "Hey, watch out for cirrhosis", or to a couple kissing and say "Hey, watch out for chlymidia". Perhaps they do and I've just not been paying enough attention, but if not, what is it about headphones that make people feel entitled to give advice?
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Gag me

No one on the bathmat today, either

I'm currently listening to Rilo Kiley on my office CD player. This is about as subversive as I get here. Take note.

It seems summer is officially here, due to three things: they're filling the pool outside my bedroom window, the roses in our courtyard are starting to bloom, and a look at the forecast shows that from Sunday on we're in the 70s.

Still tired, still terrible at responding to emails/LJ posts/other people - I'm hoping my doctor will call today and I can start not feeling like I'm underwater.

The other day I was sitting on the bus on the way to work with several older Jamaican women around me. Out the window an old woman was rummaging through a garbage can and eating something she found in a greasy Finagle a Bagle bag. Another woman came up to her and offered her half a bagel with cream cheese, in a nice clean Ziplock bag. The old woman refused several times and continued to shove crumbs into her mouth. The Jamaican women were saying how sad it was, but how the old woman had so much pride. My thought was that she was schitzophrenic and thought the nice woman was trying to poison her, but it was an interesting example of how people can see the exact same thing and have completely different perceptions.

I saw the best button yesterday: "Jesus is coming, on the count of 3 everyone yell Surprise!"
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